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calling all '98-present V6 owners: I would recommend H&R OE sport spring + Bilstein HD

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It may be my imagination but 1.8T stock suspension seems more "firm" than V6 stock suspension setups. I feel more "float" driving a stock V6 than stock 1.8T. So while 1.8T's may not benefit as much from a suspension upgrade, the V6's definitely do. Hence I would recommend it; ESPECIALLY with the price-reduced Tango wheels and Bridgestone RE950's 215/55/16 (the size the '02 A4's use, somehow I think the 205/55/16 looks a little small, after all they're putting 225/17's on Jetta's which are smaller cars). I compute the current parts and labor for springs, shocks, wheels, tires install to be $2200. And it defintely transforms the Passat to "Audi-like" performance and looks.
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