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Calling all vortexers!!!!

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i got a speeding ticket for 102 in a 65...the CHP (california highway patrol) did not put wreckless driving or anything...just "exceeding 100 mph"...does anyone know how much this will cost (I know it will be an arm and a leg)...i can go to traffic school too, i havnt been for a while now (over 18 months, i think)...he didnt put misdemeanor either on the ticket...he wrote it as a traffic ticket...Im in the Los Angeles area...if you know anyone i can ask or some people who specialize in this...e-mail me at [email protected] i get my lisence suspended? do i have to see a judge? thanx for all your help...
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Re: Calling all vortexers!!!! (A.E.K. FC)

here's the steps:
1. bend over
2. stick your head between your legs
3. kiss your ass goodbye.
wait for the ticket, if it turns into misdemeanor, reckless, etc....get a lawyer.
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