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I'm running the good old ABA half swap with a g-grind cam...Anyhow im getting alittle used to the power and want a more agressive cam........I've been thinking about a shrick 268'
Can anyone help me out here........i dont want a beastly cam that idle's like poop but i want alittle more than a g-grind!!!!!.....
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Re: CAM CHOICE'S?....HELP< (metrowdub)

Before you go with a cam that big you should get head work done to take advantage of it.
Re: CAM CHOICE'S?....HELP< (metrowdub)

Hey Rob....
Go for the Gusto
I would consider something bigger more along the lines of the Autotech Mechanical Sport Cam...fairly cheap and would make good useage of the Headwork I did for you. Personally I would spend a little more and get a nice one like schrick/kent/piper....call Matrix and see what they got to offer you...
Take care man

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