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2014 volkswagen jetta sel
Excuse me if this is the wrong spot for this thread.
Newbie mechanic here and Im wondering if anyone has been through this before with the all so great 1.8tsi Jetta's.

So before me this car had motor/tranny/turbo done on it and since has 100,000km on it. Oil changes every 5500km pennzoil 502 spec. The car has given me a p0341 code so I went ahead and replaced the cam pos sensor. This seemed to work for a day and then the code came back up. After lots of research Ive read guys cleaning the n205 valve even tho thats a p0011 code and also the vvt magnet. Long story short I have replced my vvt magnet, made sure there is voltage at the harness for both cam sensor, and vvt magnet was good. Cleaned the n205 valve which was clean, and it drove great for 100km then went back to the same condition throwing the code again.
Car runs fine at highway speeds and cold starts great. Once the engine oil warms up and the car is at idle or under 2000rpm I have a loud rattle from the cam chain side of the motor. I have heard the cam bridge getting plugged from the metal filter screen and also hear that the cam chain adjuster could be the problem. It sounds like a tdi at hot idle. Anyone have more experience on this? I want to bring it to volkswagen and give up trying to troubleshoot but I dont like spending $150 an hour and also enjoy doing things myself. Any input is appreciated
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