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Cam Q

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Thinking about buying a cam/chip for my 96 2.slow, the cam i'm looking at is the 268tt. Has anybody heard anything about these good or bad, also will the cam/chip keep my car smog legal?Thanks in advance.
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Re: Cam Q (vdubchik96)

I just bought my 268 TT cam and adjustable cam sprocket. The guys at AWE told me it wasn't necessary to spend the extra cash for valve springs. So all I bought was the things I stated before, which saved me a good amount of money.
Do you have a chip? If so, it will need to be upgraded if you want the best performance from the mod. I have never heard anything bad about the TT camshaft.
Re: Cam Q (squishy12)

no you don't HAVE to change the valve springs. You CAN change them, but it isn't the biggest deal in the world. Todd at AWE has much experience with VW's in general, and he specifically told me they aren't greatly important. Also passatrcr is running around with a 272 cam without upgraded valve springs. He says he has had no problems, and he's had this setup for 4 years now.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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