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Camber Kits - Do I need after lowered?

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Pretty much the same as the topic. I was told by an alignment shop that I would need to get a camber kit before a proper alignment could be preformed. What is the reasoning behind this? Aparantly the shop where the struts/springs were purchased from said that it would not be needed.
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Re: Camber Kits - Do I need after lowered? (Pagano)

i don't think there are any companies that make camber correction kits for mk4s.
Re: Camber Kits - Do I need after lowered? (rex_racer)

How about the MKIII? I have a 95 Golf III 8v, the camber is WAY off and my tires have paid the price..along with my wallet!
Re: Camber Kits - Do I need after lowered? (Pagano)

check our www.eibach.com -- look under camber kit

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Re: Camber Kits - Do I need after lowered? (TREK'in)

This looks like the option, Thanks!
Any idea as to the price I should expect to pay for this kit?
Re: Camber Kits - Do I need after lowered? (Pagano)

I have lowered more than 50 vw's and never needed a kit.
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Re: Camber Kits - Do I need after lowered? (mumag)

What are u doing then that wasnt done on my car? My front tires wore entirely on the inside. My rears were fine and didnt show any abnormal wear signs.
Re: Camber Kits - Do I need after lowered? (Pagano)

Have you looked at the suspension carefully ?
In front you have MacPherson struts.
Looks something like this:

___ * y
| | / / ^
| | / / |
| |/ /_____ |
| |* *| + ----->x
| |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
Lowering the front will make the wheel 'tuck in'
therefore wearing the inside of the tire more.
The reason most don't care is that if you don't
lower it too much, it sticks like glue !!!
Racer actually buy a camber kit to dial MORE
negative camber (top of tires closer).
It's not ideal for highway or city driving but it's
great for banked turns and country roads.....

The rear suspension is like a HUGE anti-roll bar
(or sway bar, or anti-sway bar ...whatever

_ _
___ |*| |*| ____ z
| | |/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\| | | ^
| | / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \ | | |
| |/ / \ \| | |
| |_/ \_| | + ----->x
| | | |
¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯
Lowering it has no effect whatsoever on the rear
camber, it just doesn't 'bend that way' !!
One last thing....i did not do any research on the
Golf IV's front suspension, but i probably should
have !!!
You might have that trick suspension like the Audis
(à la Honda Civic !!) but i doubt it.....
Basically, you want the most rubber touching the
ground at all times !!! Since this it almost impossible
with MacPhersons, in straight line you want'em
straight and on curvy roads you want'em 'tucked in'.
No road is perfect so somewhere in there you have to
find YOUR comfort zone. Suspension dynamics is a
VERY subjective subject ...

Sorry if i got carried away with the ASCII drawing
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Re: Camber Kits - Do I need after lowered? (Frankulie)

Well forget 'bout the drawings, the spaces don't
seem to have worked !!!!
All that work for nothing.

Too bad !
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Re: Camber Kits - Do I need after lowered? (Frankulie)

You put effort into it, thats what counts

Seeing as how I am a daily commuter and put 50+ miles a day on the car, I will be ordering the camber kits on monday - and getting that rubber on the ground.
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