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Cammed my Golf CL 1.8 ACC

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My '95 Golf CL 1.8L ACC now has a 276 cam sitting overhead.
I had to play with the ignition timing and it idles somewhere around 900rpm due to ignition timing adjustments. Of course the idle is rougher than before but it sounds much beefier and the power it definately more than noticeable prividing I have the ign. timing at the right point.
Any advice for further tuning this engine to run at it's optimum. I am running stock dual valve springs, new valve seals, new valves, new fuel filter and I polished the exhaust ports and the exhaust manifold ports about 1 - 2inches in.
I really don't know where the ign. timing should be at this point. It definately does not run at it's optimum where the ign. timing was originally with the stock cam.
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Re: Cammed my Golf CL 1.8 ACC (2.9VR6)

Re: Cammed my Golf CL 1.8 ACC (2.9VR6)

There aren't very many people modding that particular engine so finding someone to answer your question might be kind of tough. You might try experimenting with the timing, try advancing it one or two degrees at a time until you can detect light pinging under heavy load than back it for a couple degrees.
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