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i believe i'm having VVT issues with my 2014 1.8 CPRA Jetta, I have unexplained misfires across all 4 cylinders and poor driveability under 200rpm when the engine is warm, runs great when cold though with no misfires. I've replaced a stretched timing chain, all coilpacks, plugs and battery. Driveability improved slightly after the new timing chain. The camshaft adjuster valve plunger is free and returns to the normal position after i depress it.

I have checked the function of the camshaft adjuster magnet, it does push the plunger out when voltage is applied. My question is, when in the car, at what rpm should the adjuster magnet depress the camshaft valve. I've checked and my car is sending voltage to the magnet from idle to 3000rpm, is this normal ?

I'm starting to suspect low oil pressure may be a possible cause as well, although I've never had a low pressure warning light and the engine sounds good, no rattles, etc.

This car is driving me crazy, any input is appreciated.
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