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Well im considering TT 264/260 camshafts for the vr w/ valve springs,TT chip and maybe some port matching done.
With those mods, lightened flywheel, euro 2.9l throttle body, sport clutch, intake and 2.5" exhaust what kinda gains should i see?
BTW i already dyno'd 168 hp and 174 tq. w/ 2.25" exhaust where will i go from here?

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Re: Camshaft Questions,...real word power and performance... (Lord of the Blings)

Cams can make differnent amounts of power in different cars on different dynos. Addition of mods makes this worse, as some may or may not add substantial power in your application. That being said, the old GTI VR6 list has a site somewhere of old dyno sheets. http://www.gti-vr6.net/library/engine/AWE_dyno_numbers.html for links to alot of dynos.
Hope this helps.
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