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check if the fuse is blown, if yes, replace it, then check if the fans are ok, run 2 wires directly from battery to th plug of the fan and see if the fans turn, if they do, then check if the thermo time switch is good( not a clue how, but if they run from the battery, then that switch is at fault-or that fan controll module. please consult a bentley service manual or in worst case a chilton repair manual as to where those things are. i only fixed similar problems on older vw's so i just am not sure about the location. GL! i hope this helps.

also check if the coolant is in level, or if the thermostat is stuck closed. what i did a few times, was turned the heat on to max, the heater acted as a cooler to make it home.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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