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Alignment of my bumper was off after a family member ripped it off from a parking lot bump stop.

Got the skin off the crash bar and see one of the issues I need to address. The plastic piece that is plastic welded (?) to the bumper skin has broken in places. What's the best way to address this? I'd hate to buy a bumper and paint, as that's just not a price I'm willing to pay. Will something like JB weld do the trick?


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I'll just give some general plastic repair information in case anyone stumbles across this thread in the future and finds it useful.

You can melt plastic together with a plastic welder.

You can glue plastic together with the correct glue.

You can mechanically clamp plastic parts together with hot staples.

The best repair is probably a combination of techniques. For example, on a torn bumper cover, you might close the crack with hot staples as tightly as possible. Then you could melt the plastic back together with the plastic welder. And then you could add 3M bumper repair material as filler.

Automotive parts almost always have the exact type of plastic printed on the inside of the part so you can select the proper glue or filler rod for a repair. The Polyvance website also has a free plastic bumper cover composition database.
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