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can I get a straight answer (re:cabrio gauges)

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Okay...I can never get a serious straight answer...so if anyone has done this before please help!
I have a 96 gti vr6. I wanna upgrade the interior gauges and stuff.
is it the full dash, or just the gauges and stuff....??

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Re: can I get a straight answer (eddiemiller)

you can but the gauges will measure speed etc wrong because its a vr6 and the gauges are made for 2.0's
Re: can I get a straight answer (Severance)

is there anyway to overcome this problem??

Re: can I get a straight answer

IM 94golf on here, he can hook you up with the blue dash lights.
I wonder if he's gonna change his name since he changed his car...
Re: can I get a straight answer (Slapshotnerd)

Re: can I get a straight answer (eddiemiller)

The guagelights.com ones will not look exactley like the the cabrio ones. They have a more uniform blue light, and i think the cabby ones are backlit, plus they are blue and red. There is one guy on here that did a bunch of modifications to a set of cabby guages to get them to work with the VR. I don't remember his screen name though, sorry
Re: can I get a straight answer (Nite Ryder)

Things I know for a fact:
- the Cabrio gauge cluster includes just that - THE GAUGE CLUSTER
- the Cabrio cluster IS NOT back lit. Never was. The top is lit up by 20 blue surface mount LEDs, the LCD screens each have 4 surface mount LEDs.
- a stock Cabrio cluster will not work properly with a VR6. Both the speed and the tachometer will be off. No if's and's or but's.
- You can mod a Cabrio cluster to work with a VR6. Trust me, I've done it. It's expensive and it also isn't a straight plug and play affair.
If you wish to do it the factory way, save up your cash. Want a break down?
Cabrio cluster: $300CDN
Power window switches: $35CDN (you need two)
Power mirror adjustment switch: $40CDN
Cabrio headlight switch (mine's a Euro unit too... sweet, hey?): $140
Heated seat switch (surprisingly expensive!): $80CDN
AC/Recirc switch: $50CDN
Defrost switch: $25CDN
Sunroof switch (I bet you didn't even think of that, huh? I had to have mine custom made since a Cabrio obviously doesn't have a sunroof switch): $50CDN
Total: $755CDN
Pricey, huh? You can try modifing the switches yourself, but remember that mine are covered by the VW parts warranty for a year. Also, if you want to do it FULLY factory, you'll need to add a Cabrio stereo deck. Luckily it's the same as any MK4 non-Monsoon deck, I picked mine up for $75CDN. (Total now is $830CDN
So, my setup is FULLY factory (with the exception of the Cabrio dash-texture) and it was expensive.
Can somebody PLEASE archive this post? I've explained this three or four times now. And it's getting tiring typing it out so much.


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