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Can I use a 2.0L GTi muffler on my '95 1.8L CL ?

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I was looking at the classifieds, and there is a deal going on with a TT GB, 25% off all exhausts.
But the only options are for a 2.0 and a vr6. Since I can't afford an entire exhaust, and just want a nice growly muffler with a cool looking tip, I was thinking about just getting a Borla SS with dual tip.
So, will I be able to put the 2.0L Borla muffler onto my CL ? What kind of modifications will I need to do ? (Basically, I'm looking at bottom line cost).
Also, anyone want to give some reccomondations ? I know I won't get much power, but since my CL is a powerhouse anyways that doesn't bother me much.
Thanks all
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