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can i use the 8v gti fuel distributor on my 16v?

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also, well it work right?
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Re: can i use the 8v gti fuel distributor on my 16v? (lionheart)

If the 8V distr. is from a knock-sensor ign. (no advance mechanism in the distr.) then it should just be plug-and-play. If it's from a non-knock-sensor application then it can still work since CIS-E has its ignition control unit separate from the injection control unit BUT it wouldn't be advisable since you'd then be running without knock-sensor and since the advance curve in a 8V vacuum-advance distr. wouldn't be what the 16V needs and you'd loose power as well as risk damaging the engine.
Wouldn't work with Motronic, though, because the ign. and inj. are integrated.
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