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I’m in San Antonio, the car is on the far north side at my storage unit. It’s a 1981 diesel 1.6, not sure of the exact engine code. I don’t have the tools or a Bentley just yet, and I’d like to get it out of my storage unit ASAP. Just let me know how you’d like to be repaid and I’ll get a timing belt for it.

Or if someone can point me in the direction of a thread that a newbie can comprehend, and a place to buy the proper tools - every how-to I find seems to be totally different. And I’m not exactly down for spending $150+ on tools I’ll only use once.

Edit: after some extensive googling, I found this. Can anyone tell me if this is the proper guide for my specific engine? And if it is, here it is for anyone else who might need it:
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