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Can someone please define "Audi Assured" for me?

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I know the basic idea: An extended warranty/service contract for an Audi by an Audi dealer. 2 year, 100K mile if I'm not mistaken. I'm assuming that this is 2 years after the (used)purchase date. Correct? I guess it wouldn't make any other way.
Is it bumper to bumper (ie: turbos, tranny, clutch)?
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Re: Can someone please define "Audi Assured" for me? (sleddog)

Where in salt lake are you from? I live in park city. Do you ever cruise state street?
Re: Can someone please define "Audi Assured" for me? (S4 Please)

I live in the U of U vicinity.
I think that the last time I cruised State street, I was about 18, and got chased by a bunch of bikers for what seemed like hours. The whole incident involved a friend of mine slinging some mud regarding their sexuality, and dousing them with a fire extinguisher.
Hey , it was 1987....
Re: Can someone please define "Audi Assured" for me? (sleddog)

about half of my high school went there so i went far away as possible to ny. I miss skiing there bad.
Re: Can someone please define "Audi Assured" for me? (S4 Please)

i work for a dealer and i'll give you the answer for vw assured cars...
1. if the car still has a remainder of tha original factory bumper ta bumper warranty, the 'assured' warranty begins when this ends
2. it is a bumper ta bumper warranty (which will cover everything except normal 'wear and tear' such as brake pads, tires, etc.), turbos, tranny and clutch would most def. be covered
3. the length of tha warranty is 2/24; 2 years or 24,000 miles, which ever comes first (and you're right, it begins on tha day you take delivery of tha vehicle)
4. a dealer can certify any used vw that has 75,000 or less miles
i would assume tha audi warranty is tha same...
Re: Can someone please define "Audi Assured" for me? (Mizold)

Also if you purchased a "used" 2001 vehical you will get the remainder of the 4yrs 50k miles + another 2yrs up to total 100k miles.
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Re: Can someone please define "Audi Assured" for me? (sleddog)

There's also typically a deductible that you pay when you bring it in for repairs after the factory warranty expires. Mine is $50. I'm only 1 year into my Assured warranty, and it's already saved me ~ $2,000 (guide links, control arms, and a few other things).
Re: Can someone please define "Audi Assured" for me? (ILoveGermanCars)

ok here is it
1) 2 year or up to 100k total miles from date of used purchase. (it is bumper to bumper, except for wear items such as a clutch which would only be covered up to 50k miles by audi)
2) remainder of 4yr 50k mile warranty including matnience
3) $50 deductible on anything over the original warranty (so if you are still in the original 4/50, you pay nothing)
I think the car can be up to 5 years old and have less then 60k miles. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Can someone please define "Audi Assured" for me? (what)

That's right. I just bought my black beauty and have the same...2 years or 100k bumper to bumper.
Quick Question though: What is the powertrain warranty on the A4s? It should be transferrable.
Thumbs down to Bellavia Audi though....first day I picked up the car they forgot to install the battery trim panel under the cowl and include the first aid kit in the rear armrest. Then the next day I have an oil leak and here a little creaking. They told me it was a loose oil sensor and they tightened the control arm brackets...the lower ones were a bit loose and I could see from the bottom. What the freak! It drives great now but would you believe the salesman after the repair work forgot to tell them to install the battery cover and first aid kit...gotta go back.

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