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Can u use G60 struts/springs on VR6?

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Is there really that much of a diff? Have any of you guys done this? If so did they bolt right on or did you have to mess with them(if so what did you have to do?)
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Re: Can u use G60 struts/springs on VR6? (jkcorradovr6)

well i'm not actually in the market to buy anything untill i get my tax return so I'm just researching the subject for know so I know exactly whats up as I'm probably going to bebuying used so I don't have to cheap out and go wietec.
quote:[HR][/HR]will bolt right up, if you are using a complete assembly from a G60 make sure you use G60 front upper bearings or else you will need to change to the VR upper spring cap.[HR][/HR]​
If I bought a spring and strut package for a G60 couldn't I just use my stock VR6 upper spring caps?
also what are the upper strut plates? Do I need to switch to G60 ones or can I use the ones that are already there?
So basically what procedures and parts would I need if I bought G60 struts and springs from someone to be able to adapt them to my car. Thanks a lot guys!!!
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Re: Can u use G60 struts/springs on VR6? (cramer)

You're the man cramer http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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