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can you disconnect the factory alarm?

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Is there a way to just diso the factory alarm. My girlfriends alarm keeps acting up. And from what i've read the factory alarm is pretty much useless anyways. Is there a way to just unplug it, so that she can still unlock/lock her doors normally but with no alarm.
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Re: can you disconnect the factory alarm? (dfinn)

You can disconnect the alarm, but you will essentially knock out everything the alarm does, including the power locks and 'convienece close' using the key.
you might want to check why the alarm is acting up. 90% of the time one of the door harness wires in one of the doors is broken or pinched. Pull th rubber boots of each of them in the doorsills, and you'll probably find the culprit. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif Good luck
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