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Can you use solid lifters on a hydro lifter head?

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Just like the title says can you run solid lifters on a hydro lifter head? My lifters are shot and the valves are clicking and if it can be done i'd like to put in solid lifters. Adjusting them don't bother me and it would give me some insurance that i won't float them at higher rpm's. I'm new to dubs and learning. and searched and was having no luck finding anything about it.
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Re: Can you use solid lifters on a hydro lifter head? (Pred)

No it's not possible, at least not unless you are also willing to make a fair number of expensive changes, including replacing all the valves with valves that have longer stems.
what head can i look for that has solid lifters... I have a GX 1.8L with the small valve head in it now... i might just try to find a different head with solid lifters and put on it then.
Re: (Pred)

Most A1's with 1.8L engines up to 1987 had big valve solid lifter heads so that would be 83, 84 Rabbit GTI's and Jetta GLI's and 83-87 Scirocco's and Cabriolets. For you, the easy ones to use would be the 85-87 Scirocco or Cabby heads, they'd be direct bolt-on with absolutely zero complications, the 83-84 heads are okay too but there's a very minor issue with the injectors that would need to be dealt with.
Thanks for the info. I know right where there's a 88 or 89 Cabby sitting with CIS on it in a junk yard that still has the head on it
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Re: (Pred)

An 88 or 89 Cabby would have a hydro head, you're loking for 87 or older.
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