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Can't fill tank at full pressure

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Here's another odd one for you, which I posted over a year ago and no one had any ideas:
Since I got my 91 MkII GTI, I've been unable to fill the gas tank at 'full pressure'; I need to hold the gas trigger about half or it keeps kicking out.
This happens at all pumps, regardless of the orientation of the nozzle (I've tried all angles), or the temperature of the car or outside.
Previous owner said he was doing it half speed for so long he forgot about telling me when I bought the car.
Car's fine otherwise but it's been a nagging issue for over a year.
Any ideas short of replacing the tank and filler?
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my darts do this sometimes... is there a vent line into the filler neck???? if so check if its plugged, kinked, or otherwise restricted... that should help...
Re: (moparVWfreak)

The vent line is in the tank and it travels up front and hooks into the charcoal canister in the passenger side of the engine bay. If that line is clogged it will give you that problem. The canister is located directly under the airbox. I hope this helps.
Re: (moparVWfreak)

you need to check the hose that goes down to the tank it's probably crimped or something and so fuel is spraying up onto the nozzle. Check the that.
Thanks guys, I'll check these and let you know my results.
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