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Cape Cod Audi/VW Group
club Grim Water: Cape Cod GTG
club Grim Water

This is the Cape Cod GTG. Meets every other Tuesday, and a few random weekends, shows, and events! :thumbup: :beer:


January 1
January 15
January 29
February 12
February 26
March 12
March 26
April 9
April 23
May 7
May 21
June 4
June 18
July 2
July 16
July 30
August 13
August 27
September 10
September 24
October 8
October 22
November 5
November 19
December 3
December 17
December 31
and so on.

Place: We like to change it up every now and then and try new or different places around cape so ask or follow the recent activity to see where we will meet each GTG but usual spot is Hyannis, Cape Cod. Sam Diego's Bar and Eatery, 950 Iyannough Road, Hyannis, MA 02601‎
Time: 8:00ish p.m.

Please ask if unsure where the meet will be held...

Facebook page for those who want to contact us there club Grim Water: Cape Cod G2G

Our "Unofficial Member List" is always subject to change.
CIH Opel-Rick
Zach B.-Zach

Anyone is welcome to join

Cape Cod GTG (Grim Water)


Per forum rules:

Based on the flaming, threats, backtalk, and slurs that have propagated across the tranquil New England forums the following rules have become necessary. They are applicable to ALL club chit chat/GTG threads:

1. each club or group may create one (1) thread that covers their club activities (GTGs, cruises, "chit chat"). Everything related to your club or GTG stays in that thread. In the rare case that a club is sponsoring a fundraiser or major event then a separate thread for that subject may be started with prior approval from a moderator.

2. if we see anything that goes against the Forum user agreement/rules, you will lose the thread (this includes but is not limited to porn)

3. if any illegal activity (ie- illegal file sharing, drugs, street racing, etc) is posted, you will lose the thread

4. if any threats or deliberate flames of other readers/clubs are posted you will lose the thread

5. if posts are made to deliberately cause trouble and disrupt a another club/GTG thread they will be deleted without warning

6. if you use an alias to post porn, illegal activities, flame readers, or otherwise start trouble, you will not only lose that name, you will lose your original name and not be welcome back to the community

these long threads are not easy to police so we expect YOU to police them yourselves by using the Report to Moderator button. The New England mods will be checking these threads more often and removing posts as the the case warrants.

I would strongly urge the principles AND members of each club/group come to the understanding that disruption of the community will not be tolerated. Remember, if a member of your club/group starts trouble, it reflects on the club/group and will affect the club/group as a whole and threads will be terminated


Lets have a clean, drama free thread :laugh:.

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Nope still open. come out the the g2g. always a good time.

Bob, you got to get over here asap.

hey chuck fix your sig. its now here! haha thanks bob
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