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Hi guys!

My name is Artem Sinitsyn, I am a car designer from Russia. My specialization is body-kit design. New wide body-kit, splitter, spoiler, hood, diffuser, wide body - this is what I am I special about.

If you are working on your project, and are wondering how your car should look like in the end, feel free to contact me. I will do visualization in photographic quality, which you can print and hang on the wall in the garage =)

I will post my new projects here. I invite everyone to the discussion! What do you think about my projects? Do you have ideas for upgrading your car? Do you have difficulty in imagining how the project will look like in the end?

Infiniti QX70 “Infinity space”

Infiniti QX 70 Tokyo. Renegade body-kit redesign.

Subaru Impreza STI.
electric version
road version
time attack

Porsche Cayenne JDM style.

Bentley Bentayga. New aerodynamic body kit with carbon elements.

Stock BMW X5 G05 has bumpers like KIA. I made bumpers in the style of the BMW M2, plus the discs from it + carbon splitter&sill’s

Honda Civic TypeR Artrace Fire styling

Opel Insignia 2014 Artrace body-kit.

BMW X6 Mars Edition. New body-kit & wrap

P.S. Topic will be supplemented by new projects.

My car body-kit design projects (TypeR, Bentayga, STI, MK6 GTI etc.)
cardesign #bodykit #illustration #designproject #styling
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