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Car idea

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If someone started producing a bare bones roadster with a very stiff suspension, less than 2700 lbs with 550-600 hp, do you think they'd sell at a price of say 50-60k? An open top roadster with a power to weight ratio better than a Ferrari F40. Not a super car, just a throw back to the 427 Cobra, a bare bones roadster with WAY too much power. If it were your ~55k to spend, would you spend it on that or a ZO6/996/M3/imported Lotus Elise?
The Panoz AIV isn't being made anymore is it? Weren't they about 60k?

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Re: Car idea (Crazyquik)

mazda mx-5 with 20B or 1uzfe conversion.
around 450hp. 1100kg.
pretty bloody quick if you ask me.
Re: Car idea (slimmy)

Thats what I love about the Car Lounge, I make a post, refresh the window and I already have 2 replies.
Re: Car idea (Crazyquik)

my uncle has several lil 'kit cars' thats hes put together over the years. the one that i like the most is the '77 beetle that he gutted and dropped a rx7 engine into it. im not sure on the engine type but i do know its fast. He also has a rebuilt 911 that he has turned into a ATV thats pretty friggin fast
Re: Car idea (hinshu)

Import an elise.
Re: Car idea (DanG)

i think this is what you're looking for.
1000 lbs and 170 hp. =D
Just turbo it and you'll have that power to weight ratio you want.
Re: Car idea (Crazyquik)

I think you're talking about a high-end Lotus 340R.
I'd just get a 210hp turbo conversion ($12,000) for my Elise ($30,000), and add carbon front and rear clamshells ($7,000) to save 36 lbs more. Then I'd go on a diet too.
I'm in Germany, so I don't have to worry about the importing aspect.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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