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ok, heres the deal. Its an 86 golf 1.8l 8V. As soon as it warms up it starts missing and then stalls out and won't start back up.
Here's what I have replaced recently.
transfer pump
main pump
fuel filter
plug wires
spark plugs
injector o rings
thermo time switch
warm up regulator
Ignition Control Mudule
I've checked the cold start valve and its working correctly, checked the hall sender thats working correctly too.
Does anyone have any insight as to what the problem could be?


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Re: Car keeps stalling.. (Deutsche-Bag)

I had a similiar problem on my 91 golfer too.....ended up being that a wire from the coolant temp. sensor (on the trany side of the engine block) going to i would assume the ecu or somewhere, was fraying badly so the connection wasnt good. Basically what was happening was that on the cold start your engine gets a little more fuel, then after it warms up it leans out, well the coolant temp. sensor wasn't telling the engine it was warm and kept flooding the engine out...
best o luck

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