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car runs for one minute then loses power and dies out. won;t start back up for a while.

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1.8L, 8v, cis-mechanical. 1984 GTI drivetrain.
such a weird problem. I'm stumped as to were to start looking for problems.
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while. (opusdestructo)

Hmmm, sounds like it's not holding fuel pressure.
Re: while. (A1Rocco)

how to i fix that situation. the fuel pressure regulator is on the block correct, with a fuel line in, and a fuel line out. if there is a problem with THAT component, is it typically an electrical problem or a mechanical problem with said part.
Re: while. (opusdestructo)

I would start with your fuel return system.
check the fuel lines beneath your car and see if anything is smushed or damaged. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: while. (A1speedracer)

ok. lets say the lines look good. whats the next place to look.
Re: car runs for one minute then loses power and dies out

Something like this just happened to me.
I drove for two hours on the freeway, stopped to buy parts from my Indie VW shop. Car would start, idle roughly, but die within 30seconds.
My tech came out and said I needeed to keep the pedal at half throttle while I cranked it over. Something to do with vapor locking. It worked.
Re: while. (opusdestructo)

forgot to say that the lines would be leading to a vapor lock issue.
Flug gti had a issue like this on one of his GTI's.
That was the direction he was looking.
Re: while. (A1speedracer)

I had a problem similar to this a while ago. Mine would start and hold idle for a minute, the die. Then, I could start it again but if it wouldnt idle; as soon as you took your foot of the throttle it'd die. All i did was bump up the idle speed a bit and the problem fixed itself.
Re: while. (JoeHydrickGTI)

my car even starts to sputter while I'm driving, once the sputter starts, the car is bound to die.
can someone please explain the phenomena of vapor lock
Re: while. (opusdestructo)

My 81 sportruck had a stuck accumulator that caused the same problem. The spring inside the accumulator rusted to the side of the canister and so it didn't function. Hope this helps
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