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Car shows...

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I was just trying to get a rough estimate of when people like to prefer to have car shows, in April or May? Which ones better? What would be a good date between those? For my senior project Im doing a car show...anyone have any comments they can throw at me about what I should do, Im dying for some help here!!!
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Re: Car shows... (Vdubsession)

that's a lot of work. kinda late for getting things setup. i would say april cuz may is busy. and that would give you 2 months which isn't a hell of a lot of time.
Re: Car shows... (Bob Opla)

yeah i'm with Bob Opla on that...... Bob know whats he's talkin about.......
Re: Car shows... (DuBsPoRtVR4)

Stef, For the past 5 years, I have been involved in putting on shows.. If you are gonna do it in one of those months, you better start crankin.. It is TONS of work to gather sponsors.. Best of Luck!!! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif One more thing, check around to see if there are any other major events or shows on the dates you were thinking

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Re: Car shows... (chickscabrio)

have a show at your school. ding ding ding....i'm a genius.
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