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car vs. mini train today in New Orleans

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Posted on the local news. I didn't realize they were that powerful. :laugh:

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:laugh: @ the pics. Esp to the train operator doing a :facepalm: in pic 2.

Although i cant seem to understand how no one was hurt in the incident (primarily, the passengers on the train). I would think unsecured people sitting on a piece of plywood surrounded by metal poles would catch some abuse from such a stop.
It could have been a fairly slow hit, i.e., the massive momentum in the train (with the engine, cars, and passengers) would have pushed the car several feet even @ 3mph, or so.

And, slowing down from 3mph to zero over 12 feet or so isn't exactly earth-shattering deceleration for the passengers.
yea, your right, although i was imagining the little trains we have around here that do a nice 20mph.
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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