We're fairly certain the whole tailored interior trend is an established thing now. A number of firms have been tailoring the more exotic and expensive makes under the Volkswagen Group umbrella, but very few have focused their attention on the Volkswagen brand.  Polish tailors Carlex Design look to change that with their new GTI, featuring a completely redone interior.


From looking at Carlex Design's online presence, the brand has expanded from their home in Poland to several locations including one in Prague, one in Stuttgart and one in the UK. It also looks like Carlex doesn't just work on Volkswagen Group models. Peruse the Realizations tab on the brand's  website  and you'll see they're not afraid to turn their sewing needle on anything.


In looking at the images published of their GTI, it appears that Carlex does not discriminate against the affordable, often applying the same level of customization that they do on many exotics.


As you can see, color-coded leather and stitching is seemingly everywhere. So too are traces of the plaid patterns that are quintessential of Volkswagen's GTI. We suspect the look isn't for everyone, but for those looking for an interior that is both tailored and highly bold, it might just be for you.


Check out more of Carlex Design's work on Facebook , and on their website.  Thanks Cjoctavian for the tip.