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Carpet Cleaner For WINTER DIRT

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I want to get the HUGE dirt stains out of my carpet in my car, it's from walking in and out with muddy and snowy shoes during the winter months. I bought some turtle wax carpet cleaner, (when i was ordering my absorber) but didn't have a chance to try it out yet. Can some list some good product for the job, like with the absorber as the best drying product.
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Re: Carpet Cleaner For WINTER DIRT (surfking)

I have used "bissel" brand carpet cleaner with great success. It is sold about everywhere.
Re: Carpet Cleaner For WINTER DIRT (surfking)

I think I may dip mine in the pool for a few hours when the spring comes, then woolite them
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Re: Carpet Cleaner For WINTER DIRT (Varrr6)

You talking the floor mats, or the carpet.
The mats, take em to the wave a wand, wet them, spray with the soap, agitate with a stiff bristle brush and hit the rinse button, rinse them in one direction, blowing the dirt out and then change direction.
Hang up and let the main water drain out, throw in the dryer on low for about 20 minutes and they will be like new.
Your actual carpet, vacuum good first, then mist with a a good water based cleaner, agitate to create foam, if no foam, use more cleaner.
Use a good stiff bristle brush, you have to agitate the fibers. Witha white water dampend towel start rubbing the area, changing to a clean spot on the towel when it get dirty with the soil you are bringing up from the depth of the carpet.
Then, with a clean dry towel, rerub them to pickup more dirt/soil and remove most of the water and cleaner.
That is the easiest and best way, but if you do have an extractor (the Bissell is an extractor), following the spraying and agitation, put the control to plain water, mist the areas cleaned and then extract the cleaner and soil.
You must agitate car carpet, it is not like in your home.
We clean the carpets on thousands of vehicles each year, this is the method that works and has for 30 years.
Ketch http://www.autoint.com
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