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Not Available:
S4 Sideskirts
Chrome Mirror Caps
Double Din Center Console
Passenger Fender
Driverside Fender
Driverside Door

Available now:

Auto Driveshaft (Likely needs new center bearing) $40 Local Pick Up Only
Auto Rear Diff (Needs new seals) $75 Local Pick up Only
Manual/Auto Rear Axle $50 Local Pick up Only
2.8l Auto Front Axles $50 Needs new boots Local Pick up Only

Engine and Trans:
2.8L 30V Engine Short Block $50 Local Pickup Only
Auto 2.8 Transmission $150 Local Pickup Only
Auto 2.8 ECU - $40 shipped

Possibly Doors - $50 each Local Pickup Only
Minty ’98.5 Tail lights $80 + Shipping SOLD
Facelift A4 Hood Grille $40 Shipped SOLD
Prefacelift Casa White Hood SOLD
Prefacelift Pearl White Hood w/o latch (probably needs a respray) SOLD
Casa White Tail Light Trim $30 Shipped
Pre-facelift mirror and stubby complete assemblies and glass w/ pearl white caps $75 shipped SOLD
Casa White pre-facelift mirror caps - $30 shipped
NA Trunk Lid $75 Local Pickup Only
Rear Bumper w/ Valence $40 Local Pickup Only SOLD
Pearl White Avant Rear Bumper w/ Valence (Needs respray) $40 Local Pickup Only SOLD
Prefacelift front bumper skin $20 Local Pickup Only SOLD
A4 Front Bumper Valence $40 Local Pickup Only SOLD
Front Bumper Crash Bar $20 Local Pickup Only SOLD

Genuine Leather Terra Cotta Interior (No center console) - $550 Local Pickup Only SOLD
Sunroof and assembly $100 Local Pickup SOLD
Pre-facelift Matte Wood Radio Surround trim - $20 shipped SOLD
Pre-facelift Terra Cotta Center Console w/o lid $25 Local Pickup Only SOLD
Instrument Cluster w/ analog clock and no LCD $30 Shipped
3 Spoke Steering Wheel $115 Shipped SOLD
6 Disk CD Changer $40 Shipped or $20 picked up SOLD
5.25” Boston Acoustic Speakers $45 shipped SOLD
Single Din Concert Bose Radio (Can be programmed to non-Bose) No code required SOLD
Single Din Concert Non-Bose Radio (Can be programmed to Bose) No code required $40 + Shipping SOLD

Spare Tire Donut $25 + Shipping SOLD

16” Audi Sport “Swings” w/ 205/55 tires SOLD

Suspension and Brakes:
Avant OEM Sport Springs unknown mileage likely 195k (Also fits Sedan) $100 Shipped SOLD
Front OEM Sport Struts, Not sure if blown $20 + Shipping
Calipers $40 each + Shipping

Anything else just ask. If you need more pics of anything lemme know.


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Heated and power. The passenger side is manual. In the spring I'll have detailed high quality pics of everything. Its going to be a combination on the rear sedan bench, avant rear seat pad, avant front seats, a junkyard center console lid with a broken tab but the leather is not coming up, sedan seat belts, carpet, dash, sedan door cards.

The avant front seats have no tears, but the driver side seat has a sheared gear or something in the reclining motor. The powers movement back and forth works flawlessly though. I was going to look into fixing it. But its not in an uncomfortable position and it doesn't diminish the price I have for the set at all.

The avant seats I'm using in this sale are Terra brown as well. I just want to keep as much as my old interior as I can. The avant seats I'm including are completely compatible with sedans.

In the mean time here's some pics out of the avant of most of the seats included in the sale http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthre...nt-Rebuild&p=87011955&viewfull=1#post87011955
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