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Posters in this The "you need an Alfa Romeo" thread post peer pressured me into buying an Alfa Romeo and I love it!

Let's back up a bit. The three year lease on the 2017 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack w/6-speed is coming to an end a few months. Since I work from home and don't drive enough to even justify another lease, I had been thinking about buying a car instead. In addition to buying out the Challenger at lease-end, a used Giulia is another option that came to mind (along with many others). After seeing the The "you need an Alfa Romeo" thread post, I found this on Facebook Marketplace...

After owning a BMW 335i w/N54 I was a bit apprehensive about repairs and reliably but I was assured by owners that after the 2017 gremlins had been worked out, they are actually quite reliable. I also asked a friend (Maximum_Download) to talk me out of it but he is a bad influence and encouraged me instead. I took it for a test drive a couple days later and they delivered it to my house yesterday.

It is an one-owner Misano Blue Metallic 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport Q4. The local dealer I bought it from originally leased it to the guy just over two years ago. I looked through the Facebook posts and found some pre-delivery photos from 2018. I know, I am a dork...

The guy who originally leased it, drove it only about 11,000 miles in his first two years before turning it in. He also had it serviced at the same dealer so I have all of the service history to go with it. Not only does the car look and smell like new, but the protective plastic is still on the dead pedal and the warning sticker on the driver side was never even removed...

It has all of the options...

I have the Challenger for a few more months so I will mostly drive that until I turn it in. I did drive the Alfa for a bit last night and my initial thoughts are:

- Great handling.
- Super quick steering.
- Peppy acceleration.
- Beautiful inside and out.
- Selective dampers really do make a difference.
- Quick shifts from the ZF8.
- Comfortable seats.
- Awesome sunroof.
- Good headlights (Xenon).
- Strong brakes but will need to get used to the brake-by-wire feel.

My initial negatives are pretty small:

- Infotainment system is a bit weak, they should have used UConnect. Also, no touchscreen but has since been rectified on newer model.
- The easy entry automatic seat thing (moves seat back for ease of exit/entry) is annoying and I cannot turn it off. There is an option to turn it off on the newer models.
- The engine start/stop is annoying. I know there is a button to deactivate it but it has to be pressed each time. At least there is an easy fix: Start/Stop Deactivator for Giulia/Stelvio.

Love the color (Misano Blue Metallic)...

Interior shots...


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That is an epic, epic color. And the best wheels. Nice choice!

I'm thinking these cars are a great value proposition.
It's my fav color/wheel combo as well, thanks!

Congrats! I think you can get the infotainment upgraded at the dealer or on your own and should be able to deactivate it. I suggest you go to https://www.giuliaforums.com. But as you said the infotainment is this cars biggest let down. It's the only thing I really dont like in mine.
I will definitely be joining the forum and looking into the system update. I agree, the infotainment system is the biggest letdown. Crazy that they used it considering how good the UConnect system is and they already use that in everything else including Maserati.

Hell yeah! That looks great. Congrats.
Thank you!

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Thanks everyone, love it so far. Probably won't drive it a lot for the next couple months but will look pretty in my garage :)

Thanks again for the encouragement Matt lol

Damn fully loaded and looking good! Well done!

The leather dash/door option really makes a big difference in the interior IMO.

On your notes - it took me forever to get smooth with the brake by wire. I still struggle a bit if I haven't driven the Stelvio in a while.
I agree, the leather dash really does push it up a level. Speaking of the brakes, I think I am getting better with them but might still take me a few more miles.

Congrats, that's a very nice spec. Too bad it seems to be missing the adaptive headlights.
For some reason the Bi-Xenon lights don't show up on the window sticker but it does have them - maybe they were included as part of one of the package. They noticeably light the way when you are taking turns - can see them turn on and off as you are entering/exiting a turn.
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