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When the temperature crept above 20C recently I noticed that the air conditioning didn't seem to blow very cold, so I put a termometer in one of the vents. The lowest temperature I managed to read was 8C above the outside temperature with both sides on LO and the fan on the lowest setting (1 bar). While checking the climate control I noticed that the drivers side (left) center dash vent blew hot air when the temoperature was on HI, but the passenger side (right) didn't. I have a 3rd party reader for vag-com (Biltema 15-1367), so I used that to read fault codes in the AutoHVAC section. It gave me the follwing 3 fault codes: 00710 Defroster Flap Positioning Motor (V107); 01842 Potentiometer/Actuator For Temperature Flap: Right (G221); 00716 Air Recirculation Flap Positioning Motor (V113). I thought that it was odd that I got 00710 as I had recently used the windshield defroster to get rid of moisture on the inside of the windshield and it worked fine.

I deleted the fault codes, took the car for a 30 minute ride and read the fault codes again, and it gave me 3 fault codes, but slightly different this time: 01810 Actuation Motor For Temperature Flap: Right (V159); 01842 Potentiometer/Actuator For Temperature Flap: Right (G221); 00716 Air Recirculation Flap Positioning Motor (V113).

After doing this I decided to remove the glove box and look at the motors while operating the climate control, as done in this video:
Unfortunately he only refers to the motors by the colour of the linkage connected to them and he's working on a RHD car, while mine is LHD. After reading in SSP 254 and doing a bit of searching I came to the conclusion that V107 is the motor with the green linkage, V113 is the uppermost motor with a blue linkage mounted to what I presume is the fan housing by the passenger door, V159 is the motor with the red (reddish on my car) linkage and that G221 is mounted on or connected to V159. Is this correct?

I was surprised when I saw that all the motors I could see were moving and the flap on the fan housing opened when I turned on air recirculation.

Since the car is 19 years old I presumed that there might be little refrigerant left, but reading Measure Block 001 under AutoHVAC I got the values 0.00 A; 0%; 18.50%; 4.00 bar with the ignition on and the engine off and 0.65A; 54%; 22.50%; 6.00 bar with the engine idling. Unfortunately the 3rd party reader I have doesn't explain what those values mean, but some searching suggested that it might be A/C Valve (N280) Current; A/C Valve Duty Cycle; High-Pressure Signal (G65); Refrigerant Circuit Pressure. Are these values within limits?

Nothing I have uncovered so far explains why I get no cold air, and I don't know what to do next. Does anyone here have any ideas?
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