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Hi I'm selling
A left and right complete xenon headlamps for a cc
The lenses are in great shape.
It does have all the bulbs etc and I'm including some d1s new bulbs..just extra.

It does have ballasts igniters etc.

I'm selling bc I'm selling the car bc I just opened a business and need to put money into it rather than work.on.a project

Please TEXT ME for pictures!
I hardly check here

800 shipped for BOTH headlights w up to 750 insurance more insurance is a bit extra..i think it is 3 dollars for every 100 additional thru fed ex.

This is a steal given these lights new are 650 ea and that's minus the ballasts etc!!

970 518 0600 Juan
Text and ill.send good pics

680 picked up around the Denver area.

Thnk you for 馃摎reading

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here are the pics..these are MADE IN Germany, not the cheap knock off from china or anywhere else.

the lenses have no cracks, but a few scratches here and there and id say minimal pitting...they still look AWESOME and I will include an extra set of d1s xenon bulbs....brand new.

pictures to follow
i am relatively firm on the price since i am pretty much giving them away

this set up with ballast and everything else would be nearly 1600 NEW.
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