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Bought my car with a chenger installed in the trunk, 6disc, not sure of manufacturer. I would like to finally break down and get it working after listening to the radio for the past year.
The radio(Bose HU) when switched to the changer imput does not display any disc number or track number and no music will play. I checked all connections to the changer to make sure it was plugged in, still no help.
The changer has a ground wire as well as two RCA looking plugs going into it (red and white)
Any advice will be appreciated.

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Re: CD Changer Issues (markymark420)

the changer is powered from the radio, typicaly if the radio is getting power, so should the changer
if the radio allows you to enter the CD changer mode then the radio is communicating with the changer
try disconnecting it and reconnecting it to restart the protocall exchange, it that doesn't work it might just be broken
if you have an ipod or other mp3 player we offer adapters for the bose radios to allow you to use any aux input or ipod interface that a mk4 single din radio can use
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