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CD Changer (Panasonic) install in a Jetta

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I've searched, and read very good instructions at http://roadsleeper.vwmafia.net but I have a question regarding connecting the adapter cable to the cable in the trunk (I have the adapter that supports the MIX function from logjam). I'm wondering if the set up is a little different for a Jetta. I can clearly see the preinstalled plug in the back, but it seems to be mounted between the wall and the preinstalled changer mount (there are two metal teeth on the mount that cover the sides of the plug). I cannot seem to get the adapter cable around these two "teeth" and cannot seem to move the preinstalled plug. I do not want to be too forceful - so can you pull the plug out from the wall a bit in order to connect the cable to the adapter?
Also, even if I can/do get the plug out of the holder, I'm not sure if the dummy plug is on or not... My adapter cable seems to fit over it but I'm not sure.
I would post this in the audio forum but people seem much more responsive in the Golf/JettaIV forum.

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Re: CD Changer (Panasonic) install in a Jetta (agarc)

On my golf there was this two-pronged thingy that the plug just sort of sat in... don't know if that's what you mean but I just pulled it off of there and plugged it in. I didn't have a dummy plug in there either, so no worries...
Only thing I ran into was that L and R were swapped.. I resoldered my adapter and it works perfectly now. I don't know that anyone else has encountered that yet though.
Good luck.
Re: CD Changer (agarc)

well, I noticed it about a three days after I installed the changer... L/R were swapped! I double-checked my connections and all...but they were correct -- I think VW rewired the harness for the 02 model year cars. Anyway, the only thing I could do to switch it back was to switch the L and R channels from the CD changer to the HU. I decided to rewire my adapter because I figured it'd be easier to replace that if I fked it up rather than the factory wiring.
So I took my adapter out, found the pinout to the CD changer wiring harness (which was a bitch but I posted the link in the Audio forum so it should show up in search if ya need it), cut L and R wires on the harness and swapped them -- soldered them in place.
but like i said i haven't heard of anyone else who has had to deal with this (or noticed it, more likely). I didn't mess with the HU at all... just stuff in the trunk compartment.
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