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CD Changer (Panasonic) install in a Jetta

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I've searched, and read very good instructions at http://roadsleeper.vwmafia.net but I have a question regarding connecting the adapter cable to the cable in the trunk (I have the adapter that supports the MIX function from logjam). I'm wondering if the set up is a little different for a Jetta. I can clearly see the preinstalled plug in the back, but it seems to be mounted between the wall and the preinstalled changer mount (there are two metal teeth on the mount that cover the sides of the plug). I cannot seem to get the adapter cable around these two "teeth" and cannot seem to move the preinstalled plug. I do not want to be too forceful - so can you pull the plug out from the wall a bit in order to connect the cable to the adapter?
Also, even if I can/do get the plug out of the holder, I'm not sure if the dummy plug is on or not... My adapter cable seems to fit over it but I'm not sure.
I would post this in the audio forum but people seem much more responsive in the Golf/JettaIV forum.

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Re: CD Changer (Punk42)

Awesome... I have the two pronged thingy as well... I'll try pulling it will a little more force.
Re. L and R, what exactly did you solder? I don't know if I'll be messing with the head unit at all...
Re: CD Changer (hsaleem)

The 6 disk... Yay! it's installed.
So far, everything is okay. But just OKAY. When I first turned on the unit, discs 4, 5 and 6 would not allow me to advance through tracks; only the Mix function let me jump to another track. However, when I turned off the power and turned it back on again (the head unit) everything seemed to work fine.
Sometimes when I select disc 5 it jumps to 6 instead; and sometimes the Mix button isn't recognized very well.
When I have the time I'll have to check the connection and make sure everything is completely secure.
I'd also add that the installation was a bit of a PITA. I had to use quite a bit of force to get the prewired plug from between the two metal prongs attached to the mount. Also, I had to really use a lot of force to line up the mount with the mounting brackets (the ones I got from my dealership)...in the process I ended up slicing my finger with the screw driver.
Overall though, I'm a happy camper...and it really looks great after you hide the wires and replace the lid.
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Re: CD Changer (Punk42)

Do you mean when you turned Balance to the Left you heard sound on the Right, or do you mean that the actual channels on a disc (in the changer) are swapped?
I have a 2002 and everything seems perfect, sound wise... I'm trying to think if I have any CDs that have good stereo effects that I can remember so I can test this out..
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