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My friend has a 2000 Golf with a radio/tape deck. He wants to get a cd changer (only withou the radio) but he want his stock VW stereo to control it.
Do CD changers like that exist? Or do you have to buy OEM for it to work with VW stock Stereo?

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Re: CD Changer (MildSeven)

One thing you need to know is that, for the most part, you need to match the manufacturer of the CD changer to the company which makes the head unit. Different companies use different ways of communicating between the head unit and the CD changer (what I mean by this is what signals pass back and forth and how those signals are passed back and forth). Matsu****a/Panasonic makes the current generation of VW head units. The Panasonic CX-DP610 6-disc changer is the aftermarket equivalent to the unit offered by VW. One place a number of us Vortexers have purchased this unit at is logjam.com:
This unit costs $195.95 at logjam.
I have been using this changer for almost two years without major problems. It plays CD-R's. I have heard that it doesn't play CD-RW's.
In addition to the changer, you will need to buy an adapter (to match the style of connector pre-wired in your trunk to the connector on the changer). There are two different connectors:
VWPCPAN6: all CD changer functions (including mix) work. $49.95 at logjam
VW98PAN6: all CD changer functions (except for mix) work. $29.95 at logjam
Note: logjam offers free ground shipping on orders of $250 or more.
The changer is very easy to install. I recommend getting the brackets and screws from the dealer (~$15 for a complete set of brackets and screws) to secure the changer in the slot in the trunk, because the ones that come with the changer are generic ones and don't work in the Golf (or in other VWs).
Note: some people have reported that there is a plug covering the actual connector that is attached to the pre-wired cable in the trunk; apparently this plug is there to protect the actual connector. This plug is very cleverly disguised, such that some people have confused it with the connector. If this plug is there, it has to be removed before you attach the adapter. Here is what the dummy plug looks like:
Finally, you will hear the dealer mention that the head unit needs to be specially programmed to adequately accept the CD signal. I recommend you hook it up yourself and listen to it before you consider having this done. For most of us, it has been unneccesary to have the dealer program the head unit. Furthermore, there should be no need for you to disconnect your battery in order to install the CD changer, nor should there be any need to re-enter your head unit's security control.
Another alternative is the 8-disc changer, the Panasonic CX-DP88 (if you have Monsoon, see below for important issues for this changer and the Monsoon system!):
Here is some info about the 8-disc changer:
This unit costs $178.95 at logjam. It too can be controlled by the stock head unit (to access disc 7, you apparently have to push either the "1" button or the "5" button on the head unit twice and to access the 8th disc, you push either the "2" button or the "6" button twice). The cable adapters for this unit are different than those for the 6-disc changer:
VW/PC-PAN8: all CD changer functions (including mix) work. $49.95 at logjam
VW/98-PAN8: all CD changer functions (except for mix) work. $29.95 at logjam
Note: the 6-disc changer *is* compatible with the Monsoon stereo system. The 8-disc changer is *not very* compatible with it. Some people have reported they have gotten the 8-disc changer to work with Monsoon, but for most, it does not reliably work with Monsoon.
You can use an Alpine CHMS620 (or its replacement, CHMS630) CD changer in conjunction with a Blitzsafe adapter. I have heard that the Blitz Vwalpdmxv3 is the appropriate adapter, but you can check for yourself using the following application guide:
http://www.blitzsafe.com/blitz_appguide/BlitzAppGuide.pdf (you'll have to scroll down to the Volkswagen section)
The adapter plugs into the pre-run changer cord. I have heard that the Alpine changer runs about $186-207 and adapter $79. Here is info on the Alpine CD changer:
I don't have any experience going this route, so this is all I am going to say on this subject.
You can also use an Alpine MP3-capable CD changer. In this case, in addition to the Blitzsafe adapter noted above, you need to get another adapter. Here is some info on this option:
http://clubb5.zeroforum.com/zerothread?id=33497 (see post by Enfig Motorsport, about halfway down the window)
There is another option:
I don't know anything more about this unit, except that people have reported that it does not easily fit in VWs due to it being a bit wider than the OEM/Panasonic unit. It appears from reading the blurb at the above site that you would not need an adapter for this unit. Even so, at $280, it is still more expensive than the Panasonic changer.
Sorry for the long-winded post. Hope it helps you!
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