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CD Mounting kit... $25?!?!?!

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ARRR! $25 for 2 brackets and 8 screws. Oh and a nice blue and white plastic VW shopping bag to take everything home in.. Don't forget the suspicious look and the "you aren't installing an AFTERMARKET cd changer, are you?" speech. "Cuz that'll void the warranty on your rear wiring harness." Yeah right. ARRR....
Well, I guess I'm the chump who PAID them for the stupid brackets instead of drilling my own holes, but still... it boggles the mind.
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Re: CD Mounting kit... $25?!?!?! (Punk42)

I bought the brackets. 12 bucks. I didn't get screws though. I just rummaged around the house and found ones that fit

I made up this nice story about why I needed them but the guy behind the parts counter could have cared less he just wanted me to go away.
Sounds like your dealership has a control problem.
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Re: CD Mounting kit... $25?!?!?! (landrumdh)

I got the brackets and screws for like $14.
Re: CD Mounting kit... $25?!?!?! (landrumdh)

dude they charged me $9.03 EACH for the brackets... load of sh1t you ask me... anyway i just told the guy i got a vw changer used and he backed off a bit. i'm actually going to put in the panasonic OEM-compatible one with the adapter but he doesn't have to know that... on top of that, i found out what they charge for labor -- $99/hour! un-sane.
i'm trying to think of a story to tell him when i go in to get my spare ECU next year when i chip the thing...
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