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cd player relocation?

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hey guys,
I am new here and new to "dubbing" I just got a 96 Gti and love it, I had a crx si which was nice but, pushed her a little to hard and she decided to break the timing belt... its a sad story but I see it as a chance to get into a different area than the usual "honda scene". anyways... I am really starting to love my gti as is <stock
> and plan to do some mods. just one thing keeps bugging me. The radio is up to high IMO and I was wondering if anyone here has moved it to the lower part of the console? is it possible? if so is it really expensive? any help would be appreciated...

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Re: cd player relocation? (SLC PUNK)

thanks man, does anyone have a link or anything on how its done? or at least some pointers?

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