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CE light come on and off

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What could be causing the CE light to come on and off every 3 to 4 days? The car drive well but sometimes the CE comes on and stays on for about a day and half ans then it goes off, What could be the problem? I did have new cams (Neuspeed 260)installed and spark plugs (Bosch double tip) and serpetine belt. My mechanic states that the car is relearning the functions since I disconnected the battery for a while after he had clear the first CE due to cam senssor position. Can this be true?
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Re: CE light come on and off (dfvvr6)

I've got the same question... my CE light has been coming on and off every few days for the past month and a half. It also seems to be triggered by rain sometimes... dunno.
Re: CE light come on and off (Golf2L)

Golf2L I remember hearing something about distributors. I think it happened to my dads jetta.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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