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I'm not familar with this? would i need a scanner to do that? or just swapping the battery? (Quickly looked it up)
you can try something to this extend... but if you have a vcds or equivalent that do adaptation it will work also... I know this method works on my 01M auto 4 speed transmission when it was having sensor issues... I can't shift pass 2nd or car transmission struggle to go pass 50mph... you can also google "vw mkiv transmission fuzzy logic reset" or "vw mkiv transmission adaptation" . I think one of the results will have how to on doing the adaption with vcds.

This is the manual method, provided that your TCM did not store any fault code... not or ECM, the TCM also stores code.

Key on, engine off
press and hold gas paddle to the floor for 10 sec maybe it was 5 or 20... well free to try all
release gas paddle,
start car immediately without touching anything , do not even turn key to off position.
wait about a minute then test drive.
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