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Changed name out of bitterness

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Well...I got tired of being poor so I tried to back out of my dorm contract, but they wont let me. So Im stuck with a 1.8L digifant with 170k miles, and a fairly dorky wing on the back (not anywhere near functional, although functional Golf wings have to be on the top, which is mega rice...) and a debadged grill. Yea, so its going to stay without any mods for some time, years maybe. And I was really close to getting an ABA block in there for under $600, but I cant get a block on the West coast for less than $400. It sucks.
Ohh yea, I used be Craig_Heitzman BTW. I suppose thats important.
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Re: Changed name out of bitterness (A2RicedGTI)

what's with the rice in your name? you very bad man!
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