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Changing Body Style...Help

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Ok here's the thing. I currently have the Rieger bodykit. I just bought an Oettinger front grille and it doesn't match the Rieger at all. I love the mesh provided by Oettinger and how it's precut & you can just screw it in. I just so happen to love the Oettinger front bumper as well. So I'm selling my Rieger front & side skirts and keeping the rear. I'm buying an Oettinger front bumper...I still can't decide on the sides. So I have some questions here.
1) I installed the Oettinger grill and it sits a few mm too far to the right and there's a gap on the left. I can't figure out why. Any suggestions? I simply just took out the factory and put on the Oettinger. Am I missing a step?
2) Does the Oettinger front bumper come with the same precut, screw-on mesh as the grille?
3) What kinda sides should I get? Anyone have good pictures of the EIN Design, Caractere, Oettinger, or the JE Designs sideskirts?
I think that's about it...I'm lost & need some direction. I've been looking all weekend for an answer.
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Re: Changing Body Style...Help (mbuxton)

i say get the Oettinger full bumper and oettinger side
it will look sweeeeeeeeeettt!!
just my opinion
im a sucker for oettinger
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Re: Changing Body Style...Help (Zuber Speed)

Anyone know about the misalignment?
Re: Changing Body Style...Help (Zuber Speed)

quote:[HR][/HR]im a sucker for oettinger
Me 2

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Re: Changing Body Style...Help (Jetta_J)

Oh c'mon I know a lot of you have this front grille...no one else has a misalignment problem?
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