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HI there fellow vw drivers...hope there is some one that can assist me.
I have a 95 diesel gl turbo and for the second time the crank gear blew out. the first time I was lucky but this time there is internal damage and now knocking. the crank needs replacing as the key way will now not hold the gear correctly anymore, and as for the knocking, I am not sure what exactly is damaged we have not taken the motor apart to find out. Any way I have been checking around for a new motor and were I am they are hard to come by and expensive. I am thinking of converting to gas engine but am having difficulty in finding information as to wich motors will fit correctly in the car..for example I found a 95 gulf 2.0 4 cylinder motor with 54 000 on it and at a decent price, but unsure if it will fit...I guess my question is: If any knows were I can obtain the information as to what engines will fit in my model, would be so greatly appreciated.....
Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions...Like most VW drivers I just don't want to part with my little jetta.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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