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Good write up but a couple comments/corrections are needed. FYI, I just performed my 2nd oil change today.

1) Torx Bits for the lower engine shield are T25 & T45 not T20 & T40. There are four T25 screws on one side of the lower shield, and three on the other side, plus the one at the front for a total of eight T25 and three T45.

2) Torx bit to remove the drain plug is also a T45 not T40

3) I also recommend always changing the crush washer on the drain plug every oil change. This is a crush washer and not the flat aluminum washer, so single use only.

4) My underhood sticker specifically states to use 0w-30 viscosity meeting 504 spec. I'm following that instead of the manual

5) It is necessary to remove the engine cover to remove the oil filter as you showed. Why they didn't design enough clearance in the first place kind of annoys me.

6) In theory you could fill without a funnel and not make a mess. I thought I could, but after having the quart bottle burp and spill some anyway, I ended up using one. Needs to have a very narrow outlet
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