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Charger rebuild question

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hey, in 2 weeks im going to send my charger into gruven. I dont want to waste a good 700 bucks to get my supercharger rebuilt if i dont have to. My car is apart right now so i cant do the standard checks for checking the boost of my charger. I know my car has some oil in its tubes but not a considerable amount. my car has 150,000 miles on it and i have no clue if has been rebuild (probably it has but the previous owner moved to hawaii and his dad who sold it didnt know much about it)
can i tell by markings on my supercharger? my supercharger has a set of large numbers imbeded on the housing but that could mean anything. is there a way to tell if it will blow soon? I know these questions havw been asked before but when i been doing searches, i dont get what im looking for. thanks a lot! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Charger rebuild question (Longboarder)

The markings are from the factory. If you have 150,000 on the charger and you do not know if it has been rebuilt or not then $700 isn't a waist. $2600 dollar to replace something that you could have prevented from blowing in the first place is a waist. If you arre going to have the charger rebuilt, you should get the BBM super wide belt.
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