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Re: Cheapest place for Zender Wings **Jetta** (1BadAzzVR6)

Hi Guys,
Yes, we are the exclusive importer in North America for Zender VW products. Zender GMBH is undergoing a new pricing strategy for 2002 to make them more competitive with other European aerodynamic companies. They have chosen to reduce their prices to us for 2002 and we will be passing on some (most!!!) of the savings to you!
For example, here are some of the Jetta 4 products:
Front Bumperspoiler - was $519.00 NOW ONLY $459.00
Rear Apron - was $289.00 NOW ONLY $229.00
Rear Spoiler - was $269.00 NOW ONLY $169.00
Side Skirts - was $429.00 NOW ONLY $389.00
Golf 4, New Beetle, B5 Passat, Golf 3, Jetta 3 and Golf 2 all have similar price drops. Interior components such as shift knobs and pedal sets have also really come down in price, some as much as 50%.
I am working on our European Car ad as I speak but the price changes will not be reflected until the May issue due to long magazine leadtimes. We are also in the process of updating the Zender pricing on our website at http://www.autotech.com. This should be updated very shortly (i.e. early to mid next week).
If anyone has questions and wants to find out a price for a particular item, please call us at 800.553.1055 or e-mail me at [email protected]
Kind Regards,
Ralph Hollack
Director of Operations
Autotech Sport Tuning Corp.

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Re: Cheapest place for Zender Wings **Jetta** (sniper27)

http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif for those prices
Wow,,,they kick arse.
I'll be definitely getting the rear spoiler very shortly. Give me 2 weeks to save up my lunch money,,hehe.
Thanx again
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