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Check engine light question

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I replaced my air filter a couple time this week, just trying to get a feel of the stock airbox, the P-Flow and the PRM intakes...well, I'm with the PRM right now, but I think on Tuesday, I forgot to plug the cable for the MAF back in.
Yesterday, Friday, I went over a huge bump! Shortly after that, the CE light lit up. I checked under the hood, and found the cable disconnected from the MAF...I think that was my fault. I plugged it back, but the light is still on. Does the light have to be reset from the factory, or is there something still wrong?
Help please!
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Re: Check engine light question (SiDeeFung)

It's going to retain the code. It should not hurt anything. The light should go out and everything back to normal after a certain number of ignition cycles.
Unless of course there is a real problem that magically appeared from the MAF....but very unlikely considering what you described
Re: Check engine light question (BoraBuck)

After a few days of driving the car, the CE light will go out. It just has to figure out that everything is OK. No worries.
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Re: Check engine light question (vr6Cop)

if you know anyone with VAGCOM, they can reset the fault for you. your dealer can to...the ross-tech does it too. starting the engine about 15 times gets rid of the CE light, but like someone else said, it will be retained in its memory until cleared
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