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Check / Test modes on 1.8T

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Hi Guys,
I drive a late 2001 1.8T (GTI) with MFA and Climate Control.
Now Ive seen the Diagnostic mode ( FAN_DOWN + COLD + ECON) on the Climate Control, but the problem is that mine only goes up to 9 options, and neither of them seem to do anything.
Generally they are as follows :
Option 1 : 1
Option 2 - 8 : 0
Option 9 : 87
A friend with an older ECU seems to get more options., icluding true speed etc.
Am I doing something wrong, or has my ECU changed.
In addition, an tricks that can be done with the MFA on the 1.8T.
Will appreciate any info / links.
(Over here, the 1.8T is the top of the range)
Thank you Kindly.
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