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Chicago Auto Show Review

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Went to the show yesterday (Saturday). Crowd wasn't too bad when I got there, bout 10:45, but was getting hella big when I headed out, bout 12:30.
Overall, it was a good show. Thought I'd go to the Chicago show this year cause Milwaukee's isn't ever that great.
Some of the highlights:
- Jeep's display area. Great special effect's with the waterfall and Liberty moving off road deal.
- The Dodge/Chrysler area. The Ram pickup with the Viper engine and 24" rims! A bit over the top, but that's what the show is for. The Viper GTS was the best real world sportscar at the show.
- The Nissan 350Z. Nice package, lose the ugly rims though. Also they should ditch the "track" package option. Just call it the sport package or something.
- The hottie model/"informational sales associates", or talking heads as my friend called them. Kudos to Dodge and Nissan in this department. You could tell they had no idea what they were talking bout, but who cared anyway?
- VW for having a nice large area with all the models - cars that is.
- Audi - best free posters, actually pretty good quality too.
Low points:
- Too many f'ing kids running around acting like they are in a McDonald's playland. Why have a boy scout meeting at the car show? Yes, I did go on a Saturday, but what family takes their kids to look at cars? I guess a lot of people do. Also, why do kids need to sit in all the cars when perspective auto buying adults are standing their waiting, and waiting to check out the car? OK, you can see this got to me after a bit. End of discussion.
- The VW display area - ran out of posters way to quick, or was rationing them out over the course of the show.
- VW - untrained talking heads. After thoroughly walking through the VW display, I didn't notice the DE GTI. I asked a lady if it was here, and she replied "That's a european model only". I wanted to explain to her what I've read here, but thought to myself why bother. This would have been a great forum for VW to show off this unique car, bad move VW.
- No Honda Prelude. Is that model now defunct? I didn't ask.
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Re: Chicago Auto Show Review (DJL SLC)

The Jeep waterfall display was pretty cool to look at. The VW, BMW, and Porsche were my favorite car makes there (go figure they are german). Nicest cars there IMO were the Subaru Impreza WRZ, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, and BMW M3 and M5 - sweeet. Anyways, it was a fun day at the auto show http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Chicago Auto Show Review (chrisreg)

yup as far as i'm aware this (2001) was the last year for the prelude.. which is why you didn't see it.
Re: Chicago Auto Show Review (Gary C)

I went on Sunday, and that was such a mistake! It was so crowded and full of stupid kids and I couldnt see anything b/c each car had 30+ people huddled around it. I took some pics, but they probably will turn out crappy. I was there 2 hours 10:30- 12:30, and when I left the parking lot was packed and lots of people were coming in. Overall, I was dissapointed due to the crowededness. I would have enjoyed it more during a weeknight instead of a weekend. The VW poster was stupid, and they ran out very quickly.
I forgot to say my highlight of the day- a Scirocco 16V from the Volo car museum!

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Re: Chicago Auto Show Review (hadagolf)

quote:[HR][/HR]a Scirocco 16V from the Volo car museum! [HR][/HR]​
actually it was at the SCCA display, ive seen that guy at a few auto-x events.
any hoo, i took today off of work and went. i was there from 10:30-7pm. needed more time
it was still crowded as all hell. next year ill pay for the first look for charity. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Chicago Auto Show Review (matoo3)

quote:[HR][/HR]a Scirocco 16V from the Volo car museum!
actually it was at the SCCA display, ive seen that guy at a few auto-x events. [HR][/HR]​
I just found that out now, and I was going to correct my post, but you beat me to it!
I didnt realize that the two booths were so small I thought it was one big one. oh well
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Re: Chicago Auto Show Review (DJL SLC)

I went tonight (Friday) from about 5-7:30.
My biggest surprise was the SVT Focus. It looks a lot better in person than in photos.
The VW people and display was rather bland. Also VW's are gettin expensive!!! BTW I did not see any posters, however I didn't spend much time at VW. That automatic GTI pissed me off and I left

I've noticed that this year when I went I already basically knew all about the cars, and it was almost boring. Also I am rather opinionated about cars, and for instance when I am in GM areas I'm always making crude comments. Or Honda. You should have heard what I was saying to all the Si fans
But I'm working on it.
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Re: Chicago Auto Show Review (Andrman)

quote:[HR][/HR]I've noticed that this year when I went I already basically knew all about the cars, and it was almost boring.[HR][/HR]​
I think the Internet is starting to wreck our car show experience! If you're really into all types of cars and have seen pictures from previous shows, then there probably isn't anything new at the auto show for you.
Things I liked:
- Porsche 911 GT2 (drool, drool)... that, and Porsche has a nice free poster as usual, too bad it is folded.
- The pimped-out Acura RSX with the wide-body kit. It was hiding in the back of the Acura display, but was probably my favorite "real-world affordable car."
- The REAL Mitsubishi Evo... it looks so weird to see an OEM car with such a large intercooler... 270hp from a 2.4L... not bad!
- All those tight-leather pants wearin' models at the Dodge display

- Cadillac's concept car... I'm by no means a Cadillac fan, but that was one killer looking car. I don't see how it fit's into Cadillac's image though... I can't imagine some Grandma and Grandpa getting into a car that looks like it could compete in the 24 hours of LeMans!

- The new Austin Martin's... I think those cars look much more like James Bond cars than BMW's ever did (Although I can't help but notice that they almost look identical to the Maserati's.)
- The return of the sport truck... I'm not a fan of 4x4 pickups, but I've always liked lowered sport trucks. Toyota, Chevy, & Dodge all had some nice lookin' sport trucks. Even though I'm not interested in it, the huge yellow Ford 350 "Tonka" truck was pretty interesting.

- Oh yah, speaking of Ford, their GT40 concept was pretty bad-ass too... and so was the real GT40 they had on display!!!

- Believe it or don't, I actually liked one of the Buick concept cars... the really big candy-apple red one. I think it looked like a modern day version of an old car you'd see in a gangster movie or something!
Things I didn't like:
- Mercedes concept car... WTF??? It was the most impracticle, gaudy looking thing I've ever seen. I think the "Chrysler" part of Daimler-Chrysler is slowly starting to drag Mercedes down! The styling of this car was not typical of anything German... I don't know what they were thinking.

Actually, I didn't see anything in the Mercedes section that I really liked... seemed like the AMG cars from last year were more "pimped-out."
- VW & Audi's [email protected] displays. Sure, they had a lot of cars and a lot of room, but I could go to Ernie Von Scheldorn or Concours and see the same crap. Why not bring over a Beetle RSI, or the 25th Anniversary GTI, or a W8, or a W12? WTF?
- The Avanti display... those are the ugliest cars I've ever seen and I can't believe they still make them. I think I'd rather be seen in an AMC Gremlin, and at least the Gremlin doesn't cost $83,000!!!!
There... that's my official car-show review

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Re: Chicago Auto Show Review (Blitzkrieg)

Yeah I think you're right - it's probably the internet. I agree abotu the VW display. But gosh darn it I totally did not get any posters this year!
Re: Chicago Auto Show Review (Andrman)

vw did have the W8 there
they had it in the W8 4 motion passat.
thay also had a w8 engine on an engine stand with a cutaway section so you could see the inside.
why show off an RSI? no plan to bring it here.
the mercedes concept car is very cool. like the looks or not, it has some high performance features that are only seen in F1 racing. things such as automatic electronic adjustment of wheel caster and toe by use of acceleromiters to ensure you always have the best contact patch on your tire on the road. pretty cool feature.
Re: Chicago Auto Show Review (speed51133)

quote:[HR][/HR]why show off an RSI? no plan to bring it here.[HR][/HR]​
There was a Beetle Cup at Road Atlanta... I don't care if it's the street legal RSI or the race version, I just want to see something other than the typical daily driver.
quote:[HR][/HR]the mercedes concept car is very cool. like the looks or not, ...[HR][/HR]​
Yah, I forgot about that adjustable camber thingy... although that is cool, I'm not sure why they put that feature into such an extreme looking vehicle... I think it would've made more sense to put that technology into a feasible design like the SLR (drool, drool):

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